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Hello, thanks for visiting ‘just glitter”. I’m Glitter , and I live in the city of gold Johannesburg.I am current running my business Deeboiz Pty Ltd (www.deeboizjumpingcastles.blogspot.com).Author of Life is an emotional rollercoaster. I started ‘Just Glitter’ because I felt I needed a platform on which to share my opinions, experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and to showcase all the things that excite and inspire me.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love gone bad..

Is it love when you are scared to talk to someone?Is it love when you constantly find yourself cheating and lying.Is it love when you fear to talk and communicate to the one you claim to love.What is love really ,where you can't speak your mind in fear of being judged?Is it love when you find a need to confide somewhere else and you find yourself not being heard or treated like crazy? Is it love where you find yourself trying to hide your emotions in fear of being called a nagging person?Am not sure what love is?I don’t think it's love where you find yourself drinking sleeping tablets in order to sleep.Where you depressed each and every day.A world where you live in fear.How can you love someone you are scared of?How can you cheat over and over on someone and you claim you love them.What is love really?Overdosing on sleeping tablets and depression pills also doesn’t help because in the end too much of those is also dangerous.They end up not working.So tell me what kind of love makes you sick.Such kind of love is definitely not good.Such love is for disturbed people not the love that God created.Why drink tablets for someone you love,why drug yourself for love.If it was love there was going to be no need for that .Why cry to be loved,why force someone to love you?Why try to commit suicide for someone,really now.If that is love then I don’t know what hate is. A love where someone plays nice when you say you are dumping them ,then suddenly you are important ,you are the world.Is it love when someone notices your value when you threaten to go,why can't they see the value when you are there.It is not love, just a person with self esteem problems trying to make themselves feel better by making someone feel their pain and lack of confidence.That is certainly not love.Such kind of love is not needed.Such kind of love is toxic.