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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to create your own happiness.

Have you been comparing yourself to other people or have you been watching  people who have it all together and start getting down on yourself.You find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, please  stop and you will come out disappointed .Remember the saying the grass is always greener on the other side,remember  the 80|20 rule.Yes look at it like this, you look at someone who has it all, the car,perfect husband well at least that is what you think when you are watching at a distance,the sad part about this is that you are watching from a distance you don't sleep with these people ,you don't  know what they eat,you don't even  know how they got what they have.Well since you don't know why are you stressing yourself instead of living your life.While you are busy comparing yourself to others your life is at a standstill because you are busy being a fan by watching and comparing yourself to others,and well yes you are not even paid to watch them.
Don't try to create your happiness out of misery of other people  and most important of all ,no matter how much people wrong you don't even plot and plan to revenge.Revenge may be sweet for a little while but then it comes to an end  and then what.If someone wrongs you deal with it in a  better way, which is to take it with a smile like a diva or hustler which is indeed what you are.Don't try to fight some battles just let God fight them for you,there is a reason why a certain person or someone or whatever hurt you.Its not because you are cursed ,well stop doing  that to yourself.
I remember watching Tyler Perry movie “why did I GET MARRIED”.There was this guy who left his wife and found a mistress all because ,according to him his wife was fat and not attractive.He was taken by the slender mistress and forgot that the sexy body of the mistress was only 20% of a person,what about other qualities of being a good person.Before you wrong your wife ,husband,friend,lover,boyfriend ,girlfriend  ask yourself first what making you  to want to cheat on this person or whats making me cheat  and hurt this person,check  and look at what you will be losing because once you cross the line there is no coming back.Don't get me  wrong am not saying people wont fall out of love,separate or divorce but be sure that you are not leaving someone all because you are chasing a mere 20%.In all the 29 years I have been on this earth I have learnt that If you no longer love and need  someone just tell them to prevent future pains and anger because believe me  nothing  is hidden forever under the sun.You may hide it now but think about the time the truth comes out what happens then?Pain and misery all over and you may find out that you were being excited about the affair because it was hidden once its out the thrill of having stolen moments is gone then bang reality knocks at the door?What then?Experience has taught me that its exciting to have stolen moments but once the truth is out  and you are being set free you finally see that you were greedy,you see that you were chasing a worthless 20%.when that thrill of stolen moments is gone  you finally see the other person for who they are.
Well am growing up ,will be turning 30  and I now know that revenge is not sweet,it just like a painkiller,stops pain for a while then after that what happens ,well I guess you can all imagine because you cant live on painkillers forever.I now know that no matter what anyone says about you ,either you are too fat ,too thin,too dark or light,no hips,no bums you are unique in your own way.Someone may see you as a worthless rubbish,but before you curse the world somewhere out there  you are someones gold  you just too busy mixing with the wrong people to see that you are worthy  in life.To all you women out there don't ever forget that you are beautiful in your own unique way,and  to all you men out there ,well you know  no man is ugly right.I remember when I was 22 years I wish i knew the things that I now know now I wouldn't have cried and wasted  my time crying for some things but then again if I didn't pass there I was never going to learn,so instead of regrets cherish what you have gone through  even if its painful because you went through that so that you learn to appreciate the good things in life.Don't hate people who gave you pain there were there to make you strong.As am approaching my 30th birthday  am glad that I have found the source of happiness,I know that no one is perfect but I also know that am not suppose to settle for less because am also precious and value able.I know that you create your own happiness.As they say happiness is not a destiny it is made.I now know that anger is a waste of time  and energy but am not saying let people take advantage of you.Get through things ,cry if you must  and then stand up for what you want  and claim your happiness ,you were not born to be miserable.
I have learnt that everyone has problems they just deal with them differently  and I have also learnt that we must never compare ourselves to anyone .I remember when I was still a teenager when I thought to be beautiful I must be thin and be light skinned but today hell no I don't want to be anyone else but myself I love my black skin and am comfortable to speak my mind without fear of being judged because there is one me. People may sit  and judge people for doing some things without knowing why the other person did it and not even knowing the life of the person they are judging.
When I look at my younger sister  I wish I can make her see that the other things in life are not worth sweating for .But what can I say she is a teenager  like I once was and sometimes experiencing things yourself  makes you stronger  and more aware and careful.All in all folks  life is too short  to waste it on rubbish,but  don't  forget that the grass is not always green on the other side it may seem so when you looking from a distance, just live your life then you can stand  and say 'I have no regrets'.